A Visit To Daydreams Farms Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

Recently, Daydreams Farms Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Marine City, MI had an open house, welcoming anyone who wanted to come check them out. Naturally, I was interested.

A short half hour ride south from my home, and I found myself pulling into a peaceful farm, complete with bounce house for the occasion, and happy families.


The farm is run by Lisa and Dave, a husband and wife dynamic duo that has a large heart for horses (and donkeys and goats, apparently!) that need help. They have help from a host of volunteers who with a range of tasks that need to be done, from cleaning the stalls to moving the grass.




A Source of Therapy For Humans

Chris, one of the volunteers, eagerly explained that, for her, the farm was therapeutic. Even her kids noticed a drop in her blood pressure when she spent time on the farm.

Just being on the farm that day felt like therapy for me, personally. Life can get so rushed and busy, it was nice to spend some time at a peaceful location.



Exciting Developments For The Near Future

An exciting development for them in the near future is the impending completion of their arena, which will allow them to operate year round. It will also help them incorporate therapy services for people who want to work with the horses, such as those with autism or trauma.

Check Them Out

If you would like to check out their website, go here. Also, consider donating, volunteering or getting involved in an equine rescue organization, if not this one,than one near you. It’s a worthwhile cause, and helps both the horses, and you.

Here are a handful more highlights:

img_5820 img_5836 img_5840 img_5845




  1. I just came across this. I’m the owner, Lisa. Thank you for writing this! You are so thoughtful! Please visit anytime! Oh, and thanks to our amazing team members, we have a beautiful new sign!

    • I didn’t even realize whos page this was until I looked at the page with your name! (sometimes I’m a little slow, lol) Please let me know how I can help you further your business. And please come by and see me! I’d love to chat!

      • Hi Lisa! Small world, right? 🙂 You all are doing wonderful work over at Day Dreams, so I wanted to make sure and promote it. In fact I’ll repost this over on our Facebook page. I will have to stop by and say hi again!

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