Armada Michigan State Fair: Draft Horse Pulls


Recently, the Armada State Fair in Michigan held their annual State Fair. When I heard there would be Draft Horse Pulls, I knew I had to swing by. Having never seen such an event in person, I gathered up my camera gear and headed out.




Horse Pulls: A Brief History

Horse pulls originated back when farmers commonly used horses for farm work. They would regularly challenge each other to see who’s team of horses could pull the greatest load the farthest. Eventually, this evolved into organized competitions. There are strict rules in place to prevent abuse and injury of the horses, and it’s pretty darn cool to watch.

The Main Event

One thing that struck me was how eager the horses were to begin pulling their load, already straining at their harnesses as soon as the ever-growing load was hitched. After every pull, the horses were allowed to rest and recuperate.

They got up to 9,000 lbs before I had to take off due to pre-commitments, but I’m glad I had the chance to stop by.

Here are some highlights:

img_5732 img_5737 img_5742 img_5751 img_5752  img_5771 img_5784 img_5788





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