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I’m so glad you responded to my Facebook post. As I mentioned, I’m looking for folks who are crazy about their horses. In fact, if you see your horses as your best friends, as beloved members of your family, then you’re in the right place.

In exchange for your photo shoot participation, you will get to choose your favorite photo from the session, and will receive a free 5×7 print of that photo on archival quality, lustre coated, UV resistant, fingerprint resistant paper stock. It even comes mounted on mat board to give your print extra support for framing and also to preserve its value over time.

Why are we doing this? Because, in a nutshell, you are helping us develop our core product by simply providing feedback.

And what is our core product? Our live edge, wood portraits.

This makes us different from the standard horse photography studio. We focus on creating stunning, live edge slabs of premium wood with YOUR beloved horse’s portrait immortalized onto it. These pieces are sturdy, heirloom quality works of art that will last generations.


Our Live Edge Portrait Slabs are a culmination of:

  • Months of intense research
  • Countless conversations with wood experts across the country
  • Joyfully getting dirty at numerous of sawmills
  • Relentlessly testing numerous species of wood to find the perfect match of strength and breathtaking beauty

A priceless work of art that can easily be the proud centerpiece of your living room.

After testing many different species of wood, we ultimately decided on Russian Olive wood due to it’s extremely expressive, eye-catching nature. Our process of transforming a tree into a priceless, personal work of art is an interesting one. The wood slabs are selected for their personality, kiln dried, planed, and sanded. Then, your horse’s image is integrated directly onto the wood. We then seal and protect the entire piece so that it lasts the tests of time. No two pieces are the same due to the portrait on the wood, AND the shape and grain patterns of the wood itself.


We’re in the process of refining this one-of-a-kind product to make it unlike anything being offered to horse owners anywhere. That’s why we’re offering a very limited amount of free photo sessions, which we usually don’t do. We are looking to refine the development of our wood product, expand our database of digital horse images, and get your direct feedback. At this stage in the game, your feedback is so essential to us.


We’re finding that some folks are already asking about purchasing our live edge wood portraits for their home.

If you want that opportunity, we’re happy to provide it.

In fact, we’ll offer you an exclusive discount not available to the general public a a thank you for helping us make our wood portraits better than ever.

Here’s what you get:

Each premium wood slab comes signed, numbered, and dated to reflect that it is of an extremely limited edition. A signed, Certificate of Authenticity will accompany it to properly document its genuineness.

With the purchase of a wood slab, you also get a luxurious, leather folio that holds 10 additional photos of your favorite images from the session. Each photo will be printed, professionally matted, and ready for you to frame.



Also, a portion of each sale will be donated to a local Michigan horse rescue facility of your choosing. Or we can choose from among one of the Southeast Michigan horse rescue facilities that we’re already in touch with.

If you are interested in purchase a wood portrait slab at an exclusive discount, let me know using the button below. You’re under no obligation to purchase. It just lets me know you are interested.

The prices of these will most likely go up in the future as demand increases.



You are of course under no obligation to purchase anything. As I mentioned, if you’re selected for a complimentary photo session, you will get your 5×7 print either way.

Here’s an overview of what happens next:

  1. I’ll give you a quick call on the phone number you provided on the questionnaire.
  2. If you’re selected for a free shoot, we’ll decide on a date for your session. On the day of your session, I’ll come out and take professional photos of your favorite horse for up to 45 minutes. At the end of your session, you will actually get to review your photos right then and there, and decide on a small group of favorites.
  3. I will then take those favorites and correct them for optimal color.
  4. The following week, we’ll meet again in person to have a quick Feedback Session, where you get to select your absolute favorite photo for your 5×7 print. I’ll also show you some digital examples of what your horse’s images would look like on the beautiful Russian Olive Wood, and at that point we’ll get your feedback on its appearance.
  5. Remember, this feedback is important, because it will help us tweak and develop the product. I’ll even bring a sample of the wood for you to check out and handle.
  6. At that time, If you’d like the opportunity to purchase your own Russian Olive Wood Portrait slab, you can do so. A down payment is required, and remember, you will get a discount on the standard price.
  7. If you decide you only want a free 5×7 print, that’s completely fine. You will receive your professional photo in the mail.

I believe horses are beautiful, powerful, sensitive, creatures, and I want to reflect and immortalize the unique bond we have with them by creating heirloom quality works of art that are kept in the family for generations to come.

Now that you know more about the process, the next step is for us to have a quick phone chat. As I mentioned, I’ll give you a call on the phone number you provided on the questionnaire. I look forward to chatting with you.




Port Huron, Michigan

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