Question: What makes you different from other photographers?

Answer: We are not your standard photography studio. We focus solely on creating live edge wood art with your horse’s portraits on it.

We’ll say it up, front: we’re different and proud of it. We don’t offer the standard basic paper print packages that many other photographers do. We also don’t hand over digital files from your photo session (see explanation below). We like working with folks who want large, stunning, unique centerpieces added to their living room that they can’t find anywhere else.

However, we understand that you may like a larger number of images from your session than we can fit on your piece(s) of wood. That’s why we provide a beautiful leather folio with up to 10 of your favorite printed images from your session WITH the purchase of a wood slab. These lovely, professional prints come matted and ready for framing.

Question: What makes you different from other print-on-demand companies that will just print an image I upload onto a general piece of wood?

Answer: Even though it means considerably more work for us, we complete each piece by hand, and on hard-to-find slabs of Russian Olive Wood. Despite the hundreds of hours it takes for us to complete each piece, it’s totally worth it.


  1. We incorporate your horse’s portraits into the bold wood grain by hand, in a way that standard print-on-wood companies simply do not. We are not a print-on-demand business. Most print-on-demand companies cover up most of the wood grain because they use machines. We choose to create a more striking visual synergy between the image and the wood grain by completing the process by hand. Rather than covering up most of the wood’s grain with the image, we make the two to work together so that one does not overpower the other. Russian Olive wood offers a bold, eye-catching grain that’s difficult to find anywhere else. We don’t want to cover that up!
  2. You also won’t find other print-on-demand services that offer live edge Russian Olive Wood, much less any live edge wood at all. The character, depth, texture and downright boldness of the Russian Olive’s growth rings are far more interesting than the pine, birch, maple, cherry, options commonly offered at cheaper print-on-demand companies.
  3. You”ll be hard-pressed to find a photographers or printing services that will put images on thick, live edge wood. (We looked!) Most other places will print on thin pieces of wood straight-edged plain wood, or they use particle board with a paper-thin layer of real glued on wood on top. That’s not us.


We recommend you read the story about the Russian Olive wood to learn more.

Question: What do you mean by “Live Edge”, and why does that make a difference?

Answer: The term “Live Edge” means that we preserve the natural, organic, curvy edges of the wood, rather than cutting it in a straight line with a saw.

We find that Live Edges give each piece of art so much more character and personality than the standard straight edges you see at print-on-demand companies. It’s the live edges and grain pattern that make each of our pieces unique (along with the portraits of your horse on it, of course!). Even though working with the live edges makes the process much more labor intensive for us, it’s totally worth it.

Question: Do you offer payment plans?

Answer: Yes, we do.

In fact, our standard process is to break your investment into 3 payments.

Question: Do I get to keep the digital files from my photo session?

Answer: No, we do not offer the digital files from the photo session.

In my years of photography, I have found that those who request the digital files either struggle to find the time to put them in physical form (aka print them), or end up getting them printed incorrectly, which results in a less-than-satisfactory end result. Going through dozens and dozens of images can quickly become a more burdensome task than many anticipate. We’ve witnessed clients with the best of intentions struggle to find the time to go through their digital files, and then print their favorite photos at the level of quality that they desire.

In addition, many accidentally misplace their files on their computer hard drive, or lose them when their computer crashes, and woefully never get them printed. The folks that do find the time to get them printed usually go with a sub-quality, common printing source that is not up to the quality of the manufacturers we use. In addition, these days different printing companies have varying requirements for the type of file that prints best on their equipment, as well as the color space and resolution the image must be. Incorrectly submitted files can result in prints that simply don’t look good at all.

That is why we handle the creation of your physical custom pieces. It’s all included in our premium service to you. Our years of experience in working with commercial printers allows us to make your life that much easier. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

The end goal is to provide you with an exquisite, timeless pieces of art to hang on the walls of your home for generations to come.

If you have further questions, reach out to me so that we can chat!






Port Huron, Michigan

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