How To Properly Prepare Your Horse For A Photoshoot

If you have a horse that you would like to take pictures of, either for personal use or for a show, it is important to get them ready for the photo shoot itself so that they look their absolute best. There are many strategies that you can use when grooming your horse to make sure that their coat is shiny, and that their bridle path is as clean as possible. Here are the tips that you need to make sure that your horse will be ready for any photo shoot that you are going to do in the next few weeks.

Giving Them A Proper Clipping

One of the most important aspects of preparing your horses to take out the clippers. They need to be clipped to perfection. The only time that people do not do this is if they are preparing some type of naturalistic photo shoot where they are supposed to look wild and unruly. The clippers that you use should be extremely sharp. Doing so will minimize any possible discomfort that they may feel. It is recommended that you use what is called what is called the number 40 blade which can be used on their whiskers, bridle path, and also for trimming any hair that is in their ears. For the jawline, always use a number 10, and make sure that you are also looking at the hair that might be at the back of their knees. Once this is done, it will be time to give them a bath so that they are is shiny as possible.

Give Your Horse A Bath

This would probably be the last step of the process of the process where you get them ready for that special day. Make sure that it is designed for them as some horses may actually have a pH balance that may not allow them to use certain shampoos. Absorbine’s ShowSheen 2-In-1 is the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Once this is done, you will then want to focus your attention on the tack that will be on the horse, which will include straps, the saddle, and any outfit that they may be using. Once you have done all of this, and also brushed out their coat, tail and mane, they will be ready for a fantastic photo shoot that will help them look their absolute best.

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