A Timeless Live Edge, Beautiful Wood Heirloom To Last Your Family Generations


Our passion is to capture the unique personality and priceless essence of your equine family member. As we work together, we will do an in-home consultation with you to determine the best location for your unique fine art piece. Reach out to us for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss our pricing and full process.


Our Live Edge Portrait Slabs are a culmination of:

  • Months of intense research
  • Countless conversations with wood experts across the country
  • Joyfully getting dirty at numerous of sawmills
  • Relentlessly testing numerous species of wood to find the perfect match of strength and breathtaking beauty

A priceless work of art that can easily be the proud centerpiece of your living room.

We currently offer three sizes of  our premium live edge, wood art:
18 x 36 inches (1.5 x 3 feet)
24 x 48 inches ( 2 x 4 feet)
36 x 60 inches (3 x 5 feet)


You Also Get a Timeless Designer Folio For Your Favorite 10 Images

From the Esteemed Sue Bryce Collection


We only offer the highest end products. We also understand that you may have a handful of favorite images that may not necessarily fit on your selected pieces of live edge wood, so we let you select your favorite 10 images to be included in your very own designer folio.
Each image is individually printed, matted, and included in a premium leather holder.
Your special prints will framed with a specialty mat that adds charm and sophistication. The mats are have a numerically controlled 45 bevel cut, which reflects our obsession with offering you the highest quality products. In addition, to guarantee longevity, the mats are paired counter fibre.
The video and images below are for example purposes only.

You Also Receive a Certificate of Authenticity

To properly document your one-of-a-kind live edge creation, we present you with an Everlasting Equine Certificate of Authenticity for your records.




Port Huron, Michigan

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