Preparing For Your Special Equine Photo Session

I’m looking forward to spending time with you and your special equine family member!


Here are a few pointers so that we get the most out of our time together and have fun during your special photo session!


1. The backdrop is important

Ideally, we’ll try to find a wide open space for your horse to frolic in, such as a yard, field, or estate, so that they can be themselves. I’ll be shooting with a zoom lens so that I can capture their personality from a distance (and get that nice blurry background we all love!).

2. To bathe or not to bathe your horse

We prefer that you bathe your horse the day before or morning of your photo session. Our goal is to capture your horse’s personality, sensitivity, and strength, and we don’t want mud to detract from their beautiful coat or feathers.

With that said, we’ve encountered some folks who prefer to leave their horses in their most natural state (i.e. rolling in the mud!). If this is you, then we’re completely fine with that.

3. Tack for your horse

If you do choose to use a halter, make sure it’s a nice one – we find that a leather black or brown one works the best. Also, have a clean bridle available.

If you choose not to use any tack, that’s completely fine.

4. Have fun and relax!

We understand that horses have good and bad days, so patience is the name of the game during your photo session. I’ll be taking plenty of photos during the session, so just relax and have a good time!




Port Huron, Michigan

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