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The Unique Story Behind Russian Olive Wood


Russian Olive, or Elaeagnus angustifolia, is interesting in that it is native to western and central Asia, as well as eastern Europe, but was brought to North America to help with erosion control. It was also just darn pretty to look at. However, due to its adaptability to soil and fast growing nature, it’s since been considered an invasive species in many parts of the country. In some states, you are not allowed to even plant them anymore.

And if you ask around today, most folks have either never heard of it, or only know that the trees are being removed from properties. However, the bold beauty of its grain is a rare find. Rather than letting it be sent to the wood chip pile, we decided to integrate it into our professional equine photography art.

The Perfect Species to Complement Your Horse’s Portraits

The choice not to compromise on the beauty of the wood we chose meant an extensive research period to find the perfect selection for you. It was well worth the months of searching to find the perfect species that would perfectly complement your horse’s professional portraiture. While we considered using what is already commonly offered at other print companies (thin sheets of birch, maple, and plywood), we determined that these types simply did not have enough character for our taste. In addition, none of the existing options we found in our research for image-integration were live edge. We wanted live edge for the additional character it brought to the overall art piece. We love live edge.


The Wood Grain and Your Horse’s Portraits: A Unique Synergy

Another area that we found other companies fell short was the way in which they integrated the image on the wood. In most cases, the image covered up most of the wood’s beautiful grain, offering only a hint of the wood’s rustic texture.

What’s the point of putting an image on wood if you are going to cover up most of it anyway?

We wanted to present an art style that created a more advantageous synergy between the image and the wood grain of Russian Olive. Rather than covering up most of the wood’s grain with the image, we wanted the two to work together so that one does not overpower the other. Russian Olive wood offers a bold, eye-catching grain that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

The Character, Depth, and Boldness of Russian Olive Wood

As soon as we laid eyes on the wood grain of Russian Olive Wood, we fell in love. We found that the character, depth, texture and downright boldness of its growth rings were far more interesting than the pine, birch, maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut options we initially tested with.

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